The Naval NCO Club

Welcome to the internet site of the Naval NCO Club (M.O.O.C.) Den Helder.

On this site you will find information on the history of the M.O.O.C. and information on what the M.O.O.C. represents and has to offer.

You might be surprised by the opportunities for yourself, your spouse and your family. In many aspects The M.O.O.C. is unique.

There is no other club in the world that has such close ties to the Ministry of Defence and yet at the same time is completely autonomous.


Dutch CPO's, WO's or officers (former CPO/WO) in active duty (or having left active duty) are automatically members of the M.O.O.C. and are exempted from paying any membership fees. Intern, membership gives the M.O.O.C. member the right to vote during a general assembly, whereby the member is able to use his or her vote to help determine the policies of the M.O.O.C.


All CPO's and WO's from other armed forces, including those from foreign countries are also welcome to become members of the M.O.O.C. and may participate in events which are held in the M.O.O.C.-building.

Interested and want to know more? You can always contact us by phone +31 223 61296,  send us an e-mail or visit our facebook site


Spoorstraat 56
1781JH Den Helder
Tel: +31 223 - 612896 / Fax + 31 223 - 612107

Vis rook/bak dag

Vis rook/bak dag

Vis rook/bak dag


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